City Forms

Need a form or application? The City has made many of its forms and application available in one convenient location. All forms are in a PDF format.

City Manager

Title VI Discrimination or Americans with Disabilities Act Complaint Form 

City Clerk

Public Records Requests
Voter Registration Form
Voter Registration Form (Spanish)
Board Application
Lobbyist Registration Form
Joint Contingency Fee Affidavit
Lobbyist Expenditure Report
Lobbyist Certificate of Withdrawal
Lobbyist Definition Simplified
Revised Lobbyist Ord. No. 28-14-2206


Alarm Registration Form
Credit Card Authorization Form
Valet Parking Permit Application


Building Permit Application
Electrical Permit Application
Mechanical Permit Application
Plumbing Permit Application
Revision Form
Owner Builder Form
CO/CC Application
AC Screen Agreement
Change of Contractor
Driveway Agreement
Temp. for Test Affidavit
Minor Repairs
Notice of Commencement
Special Inspector Form
Roofing Appendix
Roof Deck Affidavit
Wood Fence Detail
Chain Link Fence Detail
Masonry Fence Wall Detail
Wind Load Chart
Submittal Requirements

Planning and Zoning

Banner over Right of Way Application
ERPB Application
Generator (Standby) Application
Rezoning Application
Special Exception Application
Special Use Application
Text Amendment Application
Waiver of Plat Application
Permanent Generator Application
Temporary Sign Application
Tree Removal Application
Outdoor Seating Application
HPB Certificate of Appropriateness
LPA Application for Comprehensive Plan/FLUM Amendment
Variance Application
Pole Banner Application
Portable On Demand Storage (PODS) Application

Code Enforcement

Appeals Form
Coin Operated Machines Form
Hurricane Clean Up Notice
Hurricane Clean Up Notice Spanish
Local Business Tax Receipt Application Packet
Home Occupation Affidavit
Miami-Dade County DERM Application and Requirements
No Trespassing Signage Request Form
No Trespassing after Warning Authorization Form
Trailered Boat Registration

Public Works & Engineering

Permit Application for Work Within the Public Right-of-Way
Right-of-Way Tree Planting Request Form

Parks & Recreation

Fitness Center Membership Application
Rental Application 
Garage Sale Permit Application
Refund Request Form 

Special Events

Special Event Application
Special Event Handbook