Health Facilities Authority

Membership on the Health Facilities Authority is specified in the following ordinance of the city code as enacted by the City of South Miami Commission:


Ordinance No. 11-95-1854, adopted 8/15/95. The authority, unless otherwise provided by state law, shall consist of five voting members. Members shall be residents of the city, appointed by the commission for terms of four years; provided that of the first members appointed, the commission shall designate one member to serve for one year, one member to serve for two years, one member to serve for three years and two members to serve for four years. Thereafter, all appointments by the commission, except appointments to fill vacancies shall be for a term of four years.

Current Members

  • Lisandra S. Del Castillo                   
  • Annika M. Grant
  • Reynold Martin, Sr.                       

 Vacancies: (2)