South Miami Parking Division

It is the goal of the Parking Division to strive for excellence in servicing the residents, businesses and visitors of South Miami while performing the responsibilities of the management and maintenance of the parking system as well as the parking fee collection and permitting. 
The City's hours of parking enforcement are:
  • Sunday through Thursday 9 am to midnight
  • Friday through Saturday 9 am to 2 am

On-Street Metered Parking 

On-street metered parking is defined as when you park your vehicle on the street, anywhere on or along the curb and the City provides a 4-hour maximum. As per Florida law s. 316.1964, drivers of vehicles displaying a disabled parking permit or license plate are allowed to park for free up to four (4) hours in any on-street metered space, unless signage posted restricts the time to park. For example, if the signage establishes a three-hour time limit, then the driver is allowed to park for a maximum of three hours. After the time limit expires, the driver must deposit money into the parking meter or move the vehicle from the parking space.

South Miami Parking Garage

In the South Miami Parking Garages, all drivers must pay to park and provides a 4-hour maximum. Drivers of vehicles with specialized equipment such as a ramp, lift, or foot or hand controls or displaying the Florida Toll Exemption Permit, or displaying the “DV” license plate are exempt from parking fees in the parking garages.


Pay-by-plate is a paperless method for parking payments. It works by using the license plate number on the vehicle, rather than having to enter the space number to confirm that the parking fee has been paid. By using pay-by-phone or a multi-space parking meter near the parking spot, drivers can pay by entering their license plate number and designating the amount of time it will be parked there.

How it Works

When a driver enters their license plate number, it is NOT cross-referenced with police databases for vehicle registrations. No information is captured when someone pays-by-plate at the machine. The parking officers simply check the plates of cars parked in a particular zone to ensure that they have paid, and that the parking session is valid. A driver may pay by phone or application or a multi-space parking meter and leave the car there until departure.

Payment Options

Drivers can pay using the Pay-By-Phone App or phone or at any pay-by-plate multi-space parking meter. All major cards are accepted, and drivers can pay by credit, debit or cash. 

License Number

If a driver inputs the incorrect license plate number, they could be subject to a citation. If the plate number in the system is wrong, there is no way to ensure the driver’s parking is valid. When the plate number is entered, the machine will display a confirmation screen to show the number and time selected, indicating that the transaction has been finalized. 

Parking Time

A driver can go to any pay-by-plate multi-space parking meter within the area or use their Pay-By-Phone App to check how much parking time is left. Parking Customers simply enter their license plate number to check the remaining time or extend the time. Enter the number and follow the on-screen instructions to add payment. A driver can pay for any amount of time that is within the restrictions of your parking zone. If a driver is parked beyond the time restriction, a citation may be warranted.



No receipt is necessary unless the driver needs it. The pay-by-plate multi-space parking meter will not automatically issue any. If a person does require a receipt, an e-receipt will be readily available by email.

For more information on pay-by-plate parking enforcement please contact the City of South Miami at 786-309-4268.