Alarm Call Response

The South Miami Police Department would like to take a moment to remind residents and merchants of the procedures involved when we respond to an alarm call at your home or business.
Although alarm calls are routinely one of the most common types of calls for service we respond to, we still take them seriously and treat each and everyone as a potential burglary in progress until we confirm otherwise. Residents and merchants alike should be aware that even if you know your alarm is accidental, we still may need to confirm that under certain situations.
If you are aware your alarm is accidental or activated by some means other than a crime in progress, please take the time to contact your alarm company and the police department.

The City of South Miami currently has an ordinance pertaining to false alarms. There is no charge for our first response but fines are assessed as follows for additional responses: $50 for the second, $100 for the third, $150 for the fourth, $200 for the fifth, and subsequent responses in a fiscal year.

The ordinance also carries a provision requiring your alarm system to have a back up power supply and a device which automatically silences that alarm within 30 minutes of activating. Remember, proper maintenance of equipment can help minimize false alarms.