Capital Improvements Program

In an effort to comply with Florida Statute 163.3177 Required and optional elements of comprehensive plan; studies and surveys - The capital improvements element must be reviewed on an annual basis and modified as necessary in accordance with s. 163.3187 or s. 163.3189 in order to maintain a financially feasible 5-year schedule of capital improvements. The City of South Miami Capital Budget is updated annually as part of the budgeting process. Capital improvement projects are defined as projects that are self-contained and that will usually be constructed or purchased as a unit.
The City of South Miami uses Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB) 34 Guidance in defining capital assets and depreciation.

A capital improvement generally includes only those items constructed or purchased that have a useful life extending beyond a five (5) year period following their acquisition or purchase. Normally, capital improvements involve a cost in excess of $5,000 or involve the acquisition or disposal of land regardless of cost. Minor recurring annual expense items, including routine maintenance and repairs, excluded. All projects that are financed from bond funds are included. Similarly, preliminary engineering studies for such infrastructure improvements as the design of improvements are generally itemized as capital expenditure items due to their significant cost and impact of the capital improvement program.

Capital Improvement Project List