Red Light Safety Camera Program

Why has the City of South Miami a Red Light Safety Camera Program?

Traffic studies show that red-light running is a problem at many intersections throughout the City. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states in 2011, over 80 Floridians lost their lives making Florida the 3rd most deadly state in the nation for red‐light running crashes. The City of South Miami is committed to the safety of the community and dedicated to reducing red-light violations and their potential for crashes and injuries on our roadways.

Red-light running is a deadly epidemic. Red-light safety camera programs have proven to reduce the number of red-light running collisions and their associated injuries and fatalities. Nearly 600 communities in the United States are now using cameras to deter red-light running.

In Florida, benefits of red-light safety cameras extend beyond public safety and into the world of cutting edge science. The Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act allocates a portion of traffic fines collected from safety cameras to Florida's trauma centers and to The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis. The Miami Project's research into spinal cord and brain injuries has a direct impact on the many victims of motor vehicle accidents that suffer these types of life altering injuries.

What is a red-light running violation?

A red-light running violation occurs when a motorist enters an intersection after the traffic signal has turned red. Motorists already in the intersection when the signal changes to red, waiting to turn for example, are not considered red-light violators.

What to do if you receive a Notice of Violation

Why did I receive this Notice of Violation?

Based upon images captured by a red-light camera system and then reviewed by local law enforcement, your vehicle was determined to have committed a red-light violation. As the vehicle owner, the (NOV) is mailed to you.  The website for violators to view their video, images and reprint their violation and make a payment (First Notice only) is   

How much is the fine?

The civil penalty for this traffic infraction is $158.00 if the violator pays within sixty (60) days of the postmark date of the NOV. No points will be assessed against your driving record as a result of this infraction.

When is my payment due?

The due date is listed on the front of the Notice. The payment coupon also will have the due date listed. When mailing in a payment, allow 10 days in order to be received in a timely manner.

Please contact the call center at 877-847-2338 with any questions.