Downtown District Advisory Board


There is hereby created a Downtown District Advisory Board for the City's downtown area comprised of the Hometown District Overlay and the Downtown SoMi District.

Said Board shall consist of seven (7) members, and shall include two (2) commercial landowners, two (2) business owners, and/or merchants, and three (3) residents of the City. 

Duties. Parking in South Miami must be developed and managed both as an element of infrastructure critical to enhancing the City’s tax base through economic success of the City, and as an important amenity enhancing and protecting the quality of life within the City. To that end, the duties of the board shall be as follows:

  1. Meet at least monthly to discharge its work.
  2. Plan, propose and implement through the City Manager programs and services for the purpose of stabilizing and improving the City's commercial areas through the promotion, management, marketing and other similar services, such as streetscape enhancements.
  3. Plan and propose to the City Commission public improvements, including but not limited to renovation, remodeling, repair reconstruction or other changes in existing buildings and streetscapes which in the opinion of the committee would aid economic growth in the area.
  4. Recommend to the City Commission the acquisition, by purchase or otherwise, of any land and any other property, real or personal, or any rights or interests therein, which it may determine is reasonably necessary for any project or purpose of this Section.
  5. Review special event applications in the downtown area and recommend their approval or rejection to the City Manager.
  6. Recommend certain activities and related expenditure of City funds to the City Commission to promote the downtown area.
  7. Provide oversight of the supply, convenience, safety and management of parking.


  • Andrew Korge (Business Owner)
  • Stephan Medina (Commercial Landowner)