Local Business Tax Receipt

Process to obtain City of South Miami Local Business Tax Receipt (Occupational License).

A Local Business Tax Receipt is required to engage in or manage business in our City. Failure to obtain a local business tax will result in penalties and fines. The following procedures are required to obtain a Local Business Tax Receipt:

  1. Contact Planning & Zoning Department at (305) 663-6331, to be certain that the proposed business/occupation you wish to operate is allowed at the address intended. Please discuss with Planning & Zoning all parking requirements for your intended business/occupation.
  2. Obtain approval (If applicable) of the Environmental Review and Preservation Board (ERPB) for any changes to the exterior of a business establishment (painting, signs, canopies, etc.). Planning and Zoning Department will also assist you with this process.
  3. In addition, any interior and exterior alterations or any remodeling to be done to the proposed place of business requires that you apply for the necessary permits from the Building Department, contact (305) 663-6355 or 6358. The permits must be obtained prior to beginning the work.
  4. Once the above conditions have been met, the following applications must be completed. They can be obtained at City of South Miami Code Enforcement Division located at 6130 Sunset Drive, South Miami, FL 33143, or can be easily downloaded within City Forms.

  • Local Business Tax application form: this form should be filled out and signed by the owner of the business/occupation. The local business tax fee varies by classification
  • Certificate of use (C.U) form: this is required if you are not joining an existing business. New applicants, change of location within the City or change of suite within an office building.  There is a one-time fee of $75.00 for the Certificate of Use.
Along with the completed application form/s the following documents must be provided to the Code Enforcement Division.

  • Fire Department inspection report. This report is required for a new business, a change in location within the City (including changing suites within an office building). Contact Dade County Fire department to schedule an appointment at (786) 331-4800.
  • State License. For those professions regulated by state boards.
  • Proof of Worker’s Compensation. insurance if your business employs four or more people. If you will have less then four employees, please provide a notarize letter stating to that affect.
  • Proof of Sanitation service. Below is a list of the authorized haulers within the City of South Miami.
    • Waste Management 
    • Progressive Waste Solutions
    • Stericycle 
    • Healthcare Environmental Services
  • Based on the type of business/occupation additional documents may be requested.


Note: Once your completed application is submitted and the appropriate fees are paid, it will be submitted for processing. Once the application has been approved your Local Business Tax Receipt will be mailed to you. This process normally takes from one or two weeks.

Should you have any questions regarding the local business tax application or the requirements you need to obtain a local business tax receipt, please contact Mr. Hector Rabi, Compliance Officer at (305) 668-2503 of the City of South Miami Code Enforcement Division.