Geographic Data
  • The following geographic coordinates are of South Miami, a city in Miami-Dade County in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale metro area.
    • Latitude: 25.707°N
    • Longitude: -80.293°W
  • The City is in the Eastern Standard time zone and has a subtropical climate.
  • Total Area: 2.30 square miles

Census Data
Population: 11,657 people (2010 census*)
Caucasian 76.7%
Hispanic 43.1%
African decent
Asian descent
* Source of census data: 2010 Census. Visit the U.S. Census Bureau for more details.

 Additional Data
 Families (non-single residences) 56.0% of the population
 Form of Government City Manager/ Commission
 Median age for residents 36.7 years (this is older than average age in the U.S.)
 Median household income $63,289 (higher than Florida median income of $47,827)