Upcoming CIP Projects

Project Name:                            Pedestrian Pathway 

Location:                                     Fuchs Park

Construction Timeline:            May – October 2021


This project entails the construction of a new pedestrian and bicycle-friendly pathway (asphalt) along the perimeter of the pond at Fuchs Park. The pathway features two (2) lookout spaces, one (1) polygon pre-fab shelter, and ADA access improvements to existing restroom facilities and covered picnic shelter. This capital improvement project also entails the removal of invasive species within project design site; removal and/or relocation of native tree species that are either in direct conflict with project design site, possess constructability concerns or mortality.


At a minimum, the City plans to install 36 hardwood tree replacements along the new pathway and at the park during fiscal year 2021-2022. 


It’s our belief that this new park improvement will discourage camping, loitering and excessive littering along the perimeter of pond; improve accessibility and park aesthetics; and, provide both physical and mental health benefits to our residents and visitors.

Project Name:                            Park Infrastructure, Safety & Landscape Improvements

Location:                                     Marshall Williamson Park 

Construction Timeline:            2021


The City received a block grant to assist in funding a slate of park infrastructure and landscape improvements to Marshall Williamson Park aimed at enhancing park services and increasing safety through the incorporation of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design principles. Planned improvements include tree trimming, removal of diseased or dead trees, replacement of damaged sidewalks, ADA access pathway/sidewalk, two (2) pre-fabricated shade structures over benches at tennis courts, a blue-light emergency call box, and new security cameras.

Project Name:                            New Playground & Fitness Structure Improvements 

Location:                                     South Miami Park 

Construction Timeline:            2021


This capital improvement project entails demo of the existing pool facilities, site restoration, new playgrounds and outdoor fitness structures, as well as ADA improvements/walkway connection to new amenities.