Community Redevelopment Agency

Public Purpose

The South Miami Community Redevelopment Agency (SMCRA) is an established Special District in which future increases in property values are set aside to support economic development related projects within the redevelopment area.   

Mission & Goals

The South Miami Community Redevelopment Agency is a dependent special district, created in response to a need for comprehensive redevelopment in the City's community redevelopment  area. The mission of the Redevelopment Agency  is to improve documented slum and blighted conditions. Improvement of the physical environment and quality of life in the redevelopment area are the Agency's overriding goals.

An annual revenue and expenditure budget is approved by the SMCRA Board and Miami-Dade County Board of County Commissioners. Through use of various community redevelopment tools and incentives including land acquisition, affordable housing construction, structural rehabilitation, economic development and capital improvements, the goals of the community redevelopment plan are fulfilled.  

The life of the Agency was extended by the Board of County Commissioners on May 3, 2005. The South Miami Community Redevelopment Agency is currently scheduled to sunset on June 1st, 2020. The SMCRA operates at the direction of the SMCRA Board and in collaboration with local community based organizations.

Membership of the Community Redevelopment Agency is specified in the following section of the City Code of Ordinances enacted by the South Miami City Commission.


Established by Ordinance No. 12-97-1633. The city commission designates that certain geographic area within the city of South Miami described generally as being bounded by SW 62nd Avenue on the West, SW 62nd Street on the North, SW 57th Avenue on the East on SW 72nd Street on the south as the South Miami Redevelopment Area, as more particularly described in Exhibit A, which is annexed and made a part of this Ordinance. The City Commission accepts the County resolution and the findings and delegation of power contained therein. 

City Commission

The City Commission finds that there is a need to establish a community redevelopment agency, creates the City of South Miami Community Redevelopment Agency, designates the members of the city commission to be the members of the Community Redevelopment Agency and grants the agency all the rights, duties, privileges and immunities authorized by Chapter 163, Part III, Florida Statues, and the powers which are delegated by the county commission to the commission. The city commission designates the mayor as the chairperson and the Vice mayor as the vice chairperson of the city of SMCRA. 


Regular meetings shall be held on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. (Res. CRA 38-01-87) except during the summer recess or when officially canceled by the chairperson of the SMCRA Board or when the day and/or the time is changed by the majority vote of the board. (Res. CRA 7-03-119)

SMCRA Board Members

  • Chair Philip K. Stoddard
  • Vice Chair Walter A. Harris
  • Board Member Josh Liebman
  • Board Member Luis Gil 
  • Board Member Bob Welsh
  • Board Member Levy Kelly 
  • Board Member Donald Jackson


Evan Fancher, CRA Director 
James McCants, CRA Community Outreach Coordinator
Lorraine Council, CRA Property Management Coordinator